Cute Nail Colors Code, what reveals your nail polish!

Cute Nail Colors Code, what reveals your nail polish!

Imagine your life without color, just for one day and you will realize the impact they have on our lives.

These nuances of lights have a meaning for people everywhere in the world. One
variably decipherable code according to historical, geographical, cultural and even religious data. The principle applies everywhere and in all until your fingertips: the color of your Polish.

With the technology, the nail polish is no longer transparent and bright red, we are witnessing real synchronization colors. Suddenly you can decipher the mood of your friend or partner from the color of its varnish.

To help you, here is the cute nail color code:



Rose: romanticism, compassion, tenderness, acceptance, quiet

Beige, Nude (ivory): symbolize the unification, the sweetness, simplicity, rest

Yellow: joy, optimism, idealism, hope, friendship, philosophy but also betrayal, cowardice, the jealousy, the risk. In emotion, yellow as the more colorful than red orange, represent the heat not only emotions but also of temperament.


Red: excitement, energy, passion, love, desire, heat. Emotion, red is the power and aggression at the same time.

Blue night: integrity, knowledge, power and gravity.

Blue: peace, tranquility, stability, harmony, confidence, security, order, but also the depression sometimes loyalty. In emotion, the blue is considered to be conservative.

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